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New comics on the way from Circus-13 Comics!

Right now, a new artist named Brett Gibbons is working on the artwork for Dragonwolf issue 2. After 20 years or so, the second issue is finally getting completed. After that, he will work on issue 3 so the story will be complete! For now, Dragonwolf is being re-released in color, full, glorious color, and issue two will pick up right after the color pages are complete.

Want to get the whole issue in color without waiting for each page to hit the web? It is now available through Amazon for only $2.99! When’s the last time you could buy a 40 page full color comic for under three bucks? Future titles will also be available through Amazon and Smashwords. Please buy them instead of just reading them here (or do both), help support indie comics!

In other news on the writing front, our head writer, Timm Gillick, will have a short horror story appearing in an upcoming issue of The Chronicles of Terror. Timm’s story “Puppy” will appear in an upcoming issue!

So be watching for more information on when and where you can buy it to help support Circus-13 Comics.

Circus-13 Card Game

Timm has been working on a CCG style game with characters and locations from the Circus-13 Universe. It is still very much in Alpha mode, but if you want to try it out, and maybe help playtest it, drop a line to with “Requesting CCG test” in the subject line.

You will need to go to Lackey CCG’s website to download the software to be able to play. You can also find tutorials on how to add a plug-in, as well as a lot of other classic CCG’s to play like Magic: The Gathering, Overpower, Pokemon, and more!

Show off Circus-13 Comics on your Android phone!

Those of you with Android phones can get the free app the Buzzpack Launcher to customize your phone. You can even get a custom Mr. Halloween pack for your phone to show your love of Circus-13 Comics!

Check it out!

Mr Halloween phone Mr Halloween phone Mr Halloween phone Mr Halloween phone

New pages every Friday!

Circus-13 Comics working in partnership with Circus-13 Productions Audio Dramas to provide the visual element to some of it’s original audio dramas, including Assault and Truck of the Inter-Dimensional Bounty Hunters’ Guild Local 137 brings you a new comic page every Friday.

Currently we have finished up our run on an Assault: Thief to Hero mini-origin comic and a Public Service Announcement from Truck and Big Daddy Fred of the Inter-Dimensional Bounty Hunter’s Guild. Currently we are bringing you Dragonwolf in The Blackwolf Samurai, part 1 of 3, written by Timm Gillick with art by Will Ward. This was Timm’s first comic written and drawn way back in 1994. The original pages are lost, but the scans of the first (and only) issue survived a handful of computers and hard drive crashes to be brought to you.

We found a new artist, Brett Gibbons, who is starting work on Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 2 right now! In the meantime, Timm has been coloring the pages from the first issue, and is posting these every Friday, so be watching for new Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pages in full color each week.

Until these new comics are ready, please enjoy some free wallpaper, and (soon) icons for your computer.

Or take a look over at Circus-13 Productions, our audio dramas of some original Circus-13 stories and some fan-based adaptations.

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