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Thief to Hero pg 3

Thief to Hero pg 3 published on

Assault – Thief to Hero Webcomic page 3

A number of years ago now, I placed an ad on a website (don’t remember the name and can’t find it now) as a Comic Writer looking for projects. I was contacted by a man named Jay Goldberg, the very same one who edited and lettered this comic. He was putting together a project called Red-Slime, which was a comic book anthology of stories two to ten pages in length, published monthly as an online web comic. He collected artists from Deviant Art, and writers from various other sources including the one on which I had placed the ad.

He requested stories in comic book format (no prose), judged the style of the story and paired it up with an artist whose style matched the tone and theme of the story. This is how Josh Allar was brought on to draw this story.

I had to send some of my character designs along to make sure that Josh’s images matched my vision for what I had created. Josh really liked the character of the alien in the bottle so much that after he and I discussed some of the back story on this tale, he did a couple sketches of Roju, the alien. Both of them ended up being used by Mr. Goldberg for Red-Slime, the black and white drawing was used for the cover of the issue in which this story appeared, and a color version, similar in theme to Roju coming out of the wreckage of his downed craft, was used as the cover of another issue which nothing I wrote appeared in.

So even though I only contributed to two issues of Red-Slime, a character of mine appeared on the cover of a third issue.

Art by Josh Allar
Letters and editing by Jay Goldberg
Written by Timm Gillick

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