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Thief to Hero pg 4

Thief to Hero pg 4 published on

Assault – Thief to Hero webcomic page 4

Now you know the history behind this comic and how it came to be, both in the original full story in audio format, and as this abbreviated comic adaptation. As far as this iteration goes, there are a lot of things I like about it, and a couple here and there that I don’t. Much like my commentary on the Dragonwolf pages, I will try to explain both sides, and on each individual page to keep things clear.

First off, let me say that Josh Allar is an amazing artist. He has a very simple style that is very clear and concise. I have experimented in coloring this comic, much like I have the Dragonwolf one, and to much better success because of Josh’s style. He doesn’t shy away from backgrounds, and finds ways around it if the panel doesn’t really call for it.

However, on this page, the last panel is one of the few I don’t like as much as I probably should. that tank is at least 8-10 feet tall and full of a liquid that isn’t water. Think bacta tank in The Empire Strikes Back. And with an over-sized alien in it, that glass has got to be thick. The action of Randall striking the glass with that pipe doesn’t look like he could really break it with just the one blow.

But then again, this is a comic book, and who knows how strong that guy really is, or maybe he can find weak points in things, which is how he is able to get into such a high-tech facility unnoticed (it’s not, but you’d have to listen to the audio comic to find out the full story).

Art by Josh Allar
Letters and editing by Jay Goldberg
Written by Timm Gillick

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