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Thief to Hero pg 6

Thief to Hero pg 6 published on

Assault – Thief to Hero Webcomic page 6

Can you have a comic without art? That is a question I posed on the page five commentary. The short answer is no you can’t. However, you can have a comic with really shitty art and a great story, and people will love it. Can you have a comic that is the opposite, with awesome art and really shitty writing? There are some who would say “We already do, all over the professional industry.”

My answer is that there are a lot of comics out there that look beautiful, but the story, characters, and themes are lacking something. I won’t name names, but what would you call a powerful anti-hero who has massive powers given to him by an ethereal being, but he’s sad so he lives with the homeless in an alley? Does that sound interesting? The art is gorgeous and was revolutionary in its day, changing styles in a lot of ways. But what about the character? I found him simplistic, hard to connect with, not a lot of depth.

Meanwhile one of my favorite indie comics, which has been distributed by multiple publishers, has a cartoonish style, very simple, but very deep characters, retelling a certain cultures myths and history through this anthropomorphic animal. And yet more people know the homeless “hero’s” name than the character in the more simple art comic.

So which is more important, the story or the art? I agree that both are needed for it to be a “comic” but is one really more important than the other? Do you read comics based on the artist, or the writer? Do you read a title because of who wrote it or who drew it? Or is it sometimes both?

Art by Josh Allar
Letters and editing by Jay Goldberg
Written by Timm Gillick

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