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Thief to Hero pg 7

Thief to Hero pg 7 published on

Assault – Thief to Hero Webcomic page 7

Okay, enough of the rambling and ranting about the industry. I really should be focusing more on the comic you are reading.

This page has another panel I am not to sure about. The first one. In the script and my mind, the way I had envisioned this particular shot (no pun intended) was for a small protrusion to come up on Randall’s arm which would aim at the security guard and then blast him. The way Josh drew it, it looks more like it is coming from Randall’s palm. It could be the way it was interpreted, which is fine. I am so darn happy to have an actual comic I wrote that I don’t want to quibble about little things like that.

But that does lead to another item that differed from my concept to the final product. The actual symbiotic suit. Every picture I had that I sent of the character, both my initial designs as well as cleaner drawings done by my buddy Germaine Wood, not one of them ever implied the suit to look metallic or as clean and orderly I guess you’d say, as what Josh drew. I don’t know if Mr. Goldberg made an editorial decision and didn’t tell me, or what. But the suit is supposed to be very organic, much like a Venom version of the Witchblade. The Witchblade looks metallic, but somewhat organic in an H. R. Giger sort of way. Venom is almost like an ooze, and always has been. Assault’s symbiote was a combination of those two. Actually the basis for it becoming an organic symbiote rather than actual technology was the syndicated show Earth: Final Conflict where the good guys had a small symbiote attached to their arm.

Art by Josh Allar
Letters and editing by Jay Goldberg
Written by Timm Gillick

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