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Thief to Hero pg 9

Thief to Hero pg 9 published on

Assault – Thief to Hero Webcomic page 9

Now we are at the next to last page, and the action is still rolling, with Randall having to rescue David, who fell behind the flying figure. The third panel on this page is one of my favorites in terms of things I’ve written.

The characters are thieves. They steal things that don’t belong to them and, depending on what it is, sell it for profit. That is how this story started, before page one of this comic. Randall and David broke in to ATLAS Labs with the intent of finding something in the Research & Development section to then sell to a competitor for an exorbitant fee. That is why David’s gun he found eventually doesn’t work.

That being said, these two guys, while looking out for each other to a point–like Randall going back for him–they are still selfish and think mainly of themselves. That is why I like the third panel. David mentions how “this thing” is amazing without specifying what “this thing” is. Randall assumes it is the symbiotic suit, because not only is it amazing, but it just saved David. However David is thinking of the gun that he stole and what it can do.

Part of this selfishness is what leads to their eventual split because they can’t agree on everything, especially with the direction Randall’s life takes with the symbiote, and David feels left behind. Rather than feeling good for his friend’s accomplishments and how he’s moving on, David gets jealous and wants things to go back to the way they were, with Randall being in charge with more free time, and David riding his coattails.

But that is another tale for another time, or you can just go listen to Assault II: Enmity and Armor on

Art by Josh Allar
Letters and editing by Jay Goldberg
Written by Timm Gillick

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