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Meet the Staff of Circus-13 Comics

Meet the Staff of Circus-13

The staff here at Circus-13 Comics is ever growing and changing to suit the current needs of the comics we are producing. Some of us do cross work with other Circus-13 groups like the audio production, photography, or filmmaking. In case you want to know a little more about those of us here at Circus-13, we decided to provide you with some information about us.

Timm “The Jester” Gillick

Dragonwolf coverTimm is the driving force behind Circus-13, having written his first comic (Dragonwolf) way back in 1994. When Timm had trouble finding artists to draw other comics, even with asking them for ideas to collaborate and build on the universe Timm was working on, he switched to audio drama. After a few years of shuffling things around, putting it together and starting again from the ground up, Timm started Circus-13 Productions with an original story Assault: Thief to Hero. He has been building on that universe in audio with more productions like Truck of the Interdimensional Bounty Hunters’ Guild Local 137, Quest for the Passion Stone, Assault II: Enmity and Armor, Wolfman Journals, and more. Timm hasn’t given up on comics, having just joined the editorial staff at Affinity Press, as well as getting short stories published in Red-Slime Magazine, and The forth coming Chronicles of Terror from WP Comics.

Brett Gibbons

DW pinup 1Brett is the newest addition to Circus-13 Comics, coming on to take over Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 2 coming in May of 2017. His interest in art comes from a very early age, where he drew inspiration from his older brother. The comic scene comes fairly recently, mainly since Marvel started popularizing comics in cinemas. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he is a sport management major at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Inspiration for his unique style comes from a mix of manga and recent Marvel comics.

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