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Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 3

Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 3 published on

Cuithbairt in Enter the Wombat webcomic page 3

I’m trying different things with this comic as I do each page. These four panels were individually drawn on 8.5″x11″ paper and then scanned, then inked using GIMP. I changed my OS on my laptop to a Linux distribution called Zorin (based on Ubuntu), and well, Photoshop doesn’t really support Linux, and have no plans to. There are ways to run Windows programs on a Linux machine, but it doesn’t always work. Photoshop worked once, and then hasn’t since.

Zorin/Ubuntu comes with GIMP installed, and it’s free, and it can do most of the things that Photoshop can, especially for web comics. So I have been working on learning GIMP, and while there are some major differences in the tools, and there is a learning curve, I am coming along with it.

That being said, I am still learning on adding a lot of stuff using GIMP to a web comic. The grass is all done with single brushes. Just click it once and BOOM, instant grass. It looks a little heavy in spots, so I am working on toning that back, but I like it overall.

The story is still very light at this point. My 8 year old son and I are writing what’s coming next. He is coming up with what actually happens, then I write the dialogue and clean up the action before drawing it.

He likes the ideas I have for the comic and wants to help. Who am I to say no to my son who wants to help his dad create comics?

I will be playing with the layout of the comic pages in coming updates. I will probably work on more horizontal panels, but also more than just two a page like page 2.

What would you like to see appear in a future page of Cuithbairt? What Irish/Scottish/Norse myth and/or legend is your favorite that might be able to get incorporated?

Written by Timm Gillick
Art by Timm Gillick
Lettered by Timm Gillick

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