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Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 4

Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 4 published on

Cuithbairt in Enter the Wombat webcomic page 4

Here is another standard 2×2 layout of four panels. I actually just finished inking the second panel today and put the page together. Most of the rest has been done for awhile, but I wasn’t sure how to do the full transition.

I really like how Cuithbairt looks in panel 3. I am getting used to drawing him from different angles and while he still looks a little different here and there, you can still tell it’s him. I have the next few panels planned out for another page, which will have a different layout than this one and the last one. There might even be some dialogue as well. I have been working on my visual storytelling with these last couple pages and I think it works well.

There are still a few more pages before the actual storyline gets really introduced, which isn’t an anthropomorphized wombat wandering around mythical Ireland, believe it or not. There will be a villain and a reason for where he is going, and a location for him to go.

I added the faerie ring, and subsequent fairie, for something to occur later on in the story. The fairies will come back in future pages, but in what way, you’ll have to stick around and find out.

Written by Timm Gillick
Art by Timm Gillick

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