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Cuithbairt issue 1 page 2

Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 2

Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 2 published on

Cuithbairt in Enter the Wombat webcomic page 2

One thing I really liked about Usagi Yojimbo was Stan Sakai’s backgrounds. He includes a lot of scenery where Usagi is just walking through the countryside. That gives me a chance to work on my scenery sketches and pen drawings by emulating the Irish countryside.

Like the previous page, I looked up some travel pictures of Ireland and Scotland and Norway to find one that I liked that I thought would look good as a simple pen and ink drawing background for an Irish/Scottish anthropomorphized wombat.

I drew the background with a simple stick figure of Cuithbairt for the top panel. The bottom panel, I drew a more detailed Cuithbairt, then copy/pasted him into the top panel. If you think modern comics don’t do stuff like this (or even not so modern comics), you haven’t been paying attention. There was even a comic strip, maybe Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts I think, that did a joke on this where the panels were all exactly the same. For me, it cuts down on time to get a page done.

Written by Timm Gillick
Art by Timm Gillick
Lettered by Timm Gillick

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