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Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 1

Cuithbairt of Ireland: Enter the Wombat page 1 published on

Cuithbairt in Enter the Wombat webcomic page 1

I am trying some different things with this comic. First of all, one of my all time favorite comic books is Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai. I love the depth of the stories, and the characters, the telling of myths, history, and legends of Japan through the eyes of a samurai rabbit and his friends.

I love the idea so much I wanted to try and do the same thing for some of my family’s heritage: Irish, Scottish, and Germanic. Putting the main character, Cuithbairt the Wombat, in Ireland, but travelling through Europe in an undetermined time period, gives me a lot of room to work with different myths and legends of the Irish, Scottish, Celtic, and Norse peoples. I hope I do the stories justice.

The art-style is a bit different for this page because all three panels were drawn on separate pieces of paper. The first panel was actually on an 11″ by 17″ tablet, the other two panels on 8.5 x 11. I wanted to see if I could add more detail in some of the panels by doing it this way, as I don’t have any standard comic paper. The first panel, I wanted to see about trying some gray variations to see if I could add depth to the image, not sure if I did it so well.

The third panel has some of the same background as the first panel, but none of the gradients or solid colors. I tried adding depth by making the lines of the hills in the background thinner, the more distant they were. I like how this looks as it gives it a bit cleaner look.

Anyway, more to come, eventually. I have to actually write something for this first.

Written by Timm Gillick
Art by Timm Gillick
Lettered by Timm Gillick

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