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Dragonwolf 01 Blackwolf Samurai 00 cover

Dragonwolf 01 Blackwolf Samurai 00 cover published on

Welcome to the first issue of Dragonwolf

Dragonwolf, aka Akira Blackwolf, is the son of a Mohawk Indian and a Japanese woman. He comes from two distinct cultures, and tries to incorporate both as he works as a “troubleshooter” in New York City.

Dragonwolf was originally called “Dragonheart” when I first created the character over 20 years ago, then along came a movie of the same name, so I decided to change it, pulling in a little more of the two cultures of the main character. I scanned the original inked pages way back in 1998 and kept them on floppy disks for years until I was able to update them, clean them up and present them as they are now. All of it is from the original 1998 draft. I updated a couple things and have written the second and third issues, just looking for an artist to continue this story.

Pencils by Will Ward.
Digital inks, colors, logo by Timm Gillick

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