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Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 2, page 1

Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 2, page 1 published on

 Akira Blackwolf, aka Dragonwolf, is back. After a 20+ year stint without an artist, I finally found a new artist to start in again, so this first tale could be complete. While Brett’s artwork may be a little rough, it is still engaging and clear as to what is happening in the story, and it will get better as we continue.

Here we see Akira and dagen checking out the apartment of David Black, aka Turmoil, the man who reportedly kidnapped Jennifer Grant, daughter of Akira’s client. But if you recall last issue, when David scrambled to leave his apartment, what he grabbed certainly didn’t look like a 15 year old girl. You will have to continue reading to find out what exactly it was!

Pencils by Brett Gibbons
Digital inks, colors, and lettering by Timm Gillick
Written by Timm Gillick

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