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Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 5

Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 5 published on

Dragonwolf webcomic page 5: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1

Happy Halloween! Today marks not only All Hallow’s Eve but also the 9th anniversary of Circus-13 Productions, our founding site full of audio drama goodness! This day was marked with the release of part 1 of X-men: Days of Future, Past! in the two part series. What? You haven’t heard it? Go listen to it here!

Page five gives us more information about why James Grant is hiring Dragonwolf, Inc. This is another page that could have been shortened. I think that some of this could be combined into the previous page thus eliminating the need for this page altogether.

When I originally wrote this story, Akira was supposed to be a regular detective story but with a “hook” of him being half-Japanese, half-Mohawk, and using martial arts and maybe some mystical shaman “medicine” rituals to complete his cases. So this was just a kidnapping case. With the prospect of actually making a comic book, when I met Will/Bill, I decided to take the story and up the stakes a little bit and make it more “comic book” and less “traditional detective story.”

I think I’ve mentioned before that a misunderstood description later on in the story made me think long and hard about how to update the story for part 2, but I’ll discuss that on that particular page. But with that mistake, I was able to more easily transition this story into more of a comic book story, and incorporate it into the comic book universe I’ve been building over the last 20 years, that if I had kept it just as a detective story, it wouldn’t have the importance to the Circus-13 Mythology that it has now.

More on that later.

Pencils by Will Ward
Digital inks and lettering by Timm Gillick
Written by Timm Gillick

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