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Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 6

Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 6 published on

Dragonwolf webcomic page 6: The Blackwolf Samurai

This page is a strange one. It’s definitely one that could have been edited better, and shortened, but beyond that, I had lost some text.

After these pages were originally drawn (on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper, yeesh), I had inked them and started lettering them, in the most wrong and incorrect way. They looked horrible. After I had them scanned, I tried coloring and lettering them using Paint Shop Pro, but one thing I didn’t understand way back there in 1997/1998 was layers. So I had tried doing all the coloring on one layer, a big no-no as it can ruin the inked pages.

This was the last page I tried coloring back then. But what I did was color over all the text between the two characters in the last panel. At the time, I had a copy of it so I could just retype it in when I lettered it, but life got in the way, the actual drawn page is lost somewhere (I’ll probably find it unpacking in the years to come), so the original text is gone. I knew the gist of what was being said, so I had to figure out a way to incorporate what I generally knew them to be saying and the new direction I had to take the story in the next two issues. I am happy with what I have there, but really wish I had a chance to redo the whole thing and tighten up the whole issue both with art and dialogue.

That being said, this is yet another page that could be shorter and bring in parts of the next page and probably lose another page to proper editing.

Pencils by Will Ward
Digital inks and lettering by Timm Gillick
Written by Timm Gillick

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