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Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 7

Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 7 published on

Dragonwolf webcomic page 7: The Blackwolf Samurai

Oooooh, a new name. David Black. I have used this guy in way too many stories that I have written, including a traditional detective series that never went anywhere except lost in time. Seriously, it was written on a Commodore 128 computer and saved on 5 1/4″ floppy disks, and any hard copies have disappeared long ago.

Anyway, David Black, aka Turmoil, will be one of my favorite bad guys to write. He is barely in this issue, but he is the main catalyst for the story. Spoiler, yes he did “kidnap” Jennifer, but not in any way that you would think.

This is yet another page to shorten up, make tighter, not just in the dialogue, but now we have 7 pages, finally have a plot, and a story, and a place to go, but we are seven pages in. Pick up any other comic and look at page seven, even a first issue, and see how far along you are in the story. I like the pacing of the first couple pages, but it can be tightened up a bit. These past couple pages can be tightened up a lot more. This is one of those things as the more you learn, the more you know, the better your product (in this instance my writing) can be.

I haven’t talked to Bill/Will in a few months as life has gotten in the way as it tends to do, but I am sure there are some things he’d like to do differently on this comic as well. I remember him saying when he was drawing this issue (the only one he did), that he wasn’t happy with some of the panels, or even entire pages. I think this was one of them, but it was still early. You can see his artwork grow, and his panels tighten up as the comic goes on.

Pencils by Will Ward
Digital inks and lettering by Timm Gillick
Written by Timm Gillick

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