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Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 9

Dragonwolf: The Blackwolf Samurai part 1 pg 9 published on

Dragonwolf webcomic page 9: The Blackwolf Samurai

I had some fun with inking this one. The fingerprints are Photoshop brushes, a different one for each print. As for the graffiti, I used my pen and tablet to actually draw it in Photoshop using the airbrush to give it that very soft edge. Something different.

And yet another page that could be shorter, and one that was hard to edit for the mistake/updating I had to do for the story. I struggled with ways to change this, and have trouble describing those decisions because I don’t want to give away too much plot ahead of time. But since this page has been out for over a year, as has the rest of the comic, I think I am safe to divulge it.

The original story was that Jennifer was kidnapped. A normal, 15 year old girl, and Akira needed information to follow up on, with her friends, photo, etc. But when Akira finally catches up with David Black and the the bad guy escapes, he was supposed to pick up a large bundle in a laundry sack and run out of his apartment with her. It was supposed to be the kidnapped girl in the sack.

However, Mr. Ward misinterpreted what a “laundry sack” is, in particular how large they can be, and that you very well could fit a petite teen girl easily inside one. Before anyone gets bent out of shape, I had a friend who was a petite fifteen year old girl prove it to me.

What Mr. Ward drew, however, was a small package that he picked up out of a laundry basket. So I had to come up with something else for this story, and I believe I did, even thought it won’t be revealed until the next issue. I managed to turn a mistake into a better story overall, and I am glad I can do that. That being said, it was very difficult to incorporate that new plot into this page, and how to go about it without revealing too much, and I’m not sure if I like it or not.

Pencils by Will Ward
Digital inks and lettering by Timm Gillick
Written by Timm Gillick

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