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The World of Circus-13 Comics

There are some places, terms, and organizations that are mentioned frequently in the world of Circus-13. Below you’ll find an ever-growing list of them, trying not to let spoilers pop up as well as trying to let the stories do the telling on most of the history.


The world of Circus-13 is populated with tons of regular human beings, some exceptional human beings, some super-powered humans, and a couple alien races. Most of the super-powered humans received their abilities through genetic mutations, whether intentional or accidental, and they fall under one of the following four categories:

Gentate (JEN-tait) – a person who’s genetic makeup was intentionally altered after they were born, aka Genetically Mutated

Genalt (jen-AULT) – a person who’s genetic makeup was intentionally altered before they were born, aka Genetically Altered

Mutate (MYOO-tait) – a person who’s genetic makeup was accidentally altered after they were born

Mutant – a person who’s genetic makeup was accidentally altered before they were born.


Two businesses, one trans-dimensional organization, and one world-wide policing organization are mentioned quite prominently throughout Circus-13.

W.O.L.F.F. – The World Order Legion of Fact and Force. Started by Kyle Von Behren, aka Baron Wolff, it began as a United Nation multi-cultural task force and investigative organization that became its own entity. It currently uses as many super-powered agents, as well as high-tech gadgetry powered human agents as it can recruit.

A.G.A.T.E. Labs – Advanced Genetic And Technology Empire. Formed by Thomas Warner, Felix Wilde, and Will Marshall, AGATE Labs was the foremost leader in genetic research, specializing in the creation of synthetic genes used to create super-powered beings. The United States public thought this was pushing the boundaries a bit much and forced the government to shut them down. Wilde and Marshall continued their research, privately, for the US government. Thomas Warner died in the genetic riots that forced the shut down. His son reopened AGATE LABS as…

A.T.L.A.S. Labs – Advanced Technology, Laser and Armor Services. Once the genetic research was removed from the labs, young Thomas Warner II focused his attention on laser weaponry and armor, both for vehicles and personnel use. Their research won them government contracts to develop powered armor suits for military applications, as well as upper atmosphere fighter planes. ATLAS Labs also has the most comprehensive database on alien lifeforms.

The Inter-Dimensional Bounty Hunters’ Guild – tracks down criminals who have skipped town/country/planet/dimension and brings them to justice. Each bounty hunter has a special vehicle equipped with a trans-dimensional or “Trans-D” drive that samples genetic material from the hunter’s target and opens a wormhole to the dimension, planet and within 10 miles of the target. Each guild hall has its own special type of criminal it will hunt.


Circus-13 is the home to three alien races so far.

The Seraaka (sir-OKK-uh) – a war-like race that acquires its technology through acquisition by force rather than research. They have a large empire that is slowly expanding outward as it acquires the technological means to do so.

The Triani (tree-AH-nee) – tall, thin, intelligent, peaceable creatures, their blood is oxygen-rich giving them immense strength. Combined with skin that is partially photosynthetic, they spend their time researching biological weapon applications in their war against the Seraaka, most recently creating symbiotic lifeforms that are worn as biological “powered” armor.

The Zyganians (zy-GAY-nee-uns) – Little is known of this species except they like to manipulate events from behind the scenes.

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